Use a discount code to save money this Christmas

Most people are always on the lookout to save money all year round, but Christmas can be a very expensive time for everyone. The supermarkets and online stores all have very tempting ways for you to part with your cash, but there is something out there that can save you a nice amount extra if used at the right time.

This way of saving extra cash is called the discount code! Now discount codes come in lots of shapes and sizes, and we’ve probably all heard of them if you’ve done online shopping and not lived under a rock for the past 10 years, but retailers publish their discount codes at different times of year over the Christmas period. Most retailers publish their codes early to try and kick start the Christmas shopping frenzy early. This increases their chances of having a ‘good Christmas’ as they put it. It’s hard to know when the right time to buy actually is.

UPDATE: We’ve found a really simple and straight forward voucher code site called Deal DB which is pretty basic when it comes to vouchers and discounts, but is super awesome when it comes to getting you lower prices and saving you money online. You can find the site over at Deal DB and they update all their codes daily or link to other popular voucher code sites that can serve you better. It’s quick and easy to save money with promo codes so head over and see what they’re all about. Sometimes some codes don’t work or are expired but most times they deliver the goods.

A great way to save some money on popular retailers is to take advantage of offers that get published in early November or even October. Most times online retailers are having a quite period and publish voucher codes that try and promote spending. Now when this happens it’s a good time to do your Christmas shopping and get it out of the way!

It’s quite easy to keep updated on your favourite retailers as most discount code websites offer alerts to you when new codes are added to their system. We’ll talk about who offers these in just a minute. You can simply sign-up or follow these retailers and get instant alerts when new codes or hot offers are added. It’s really easy and makes you think when a good offer lands in your email inbox.

So who offers some good discounts codes and alerts? Well first if you’re looking to buy clothing or fashion items there is a site called The Latest Fashion Deals. It’s a very basic site but gets the job done well. No alert service here but they tell me they are adding one soon.

For general discount codes and vouchers we have two sites that offer pretty much the same service but with different retailers on their books. First up we have a site called Deal Feed that offers discount codes and alerts to the retailers who you follow once you’ve created an account. Simple design but works well on your mobile.

Next we have a site called Deal Share that has just had a redesign to make it more mobile friendly. More retailers than the ones above and updated often.

So there we have it boys and girls, subscribe for the latest discount codes on the sites above and try and save as much money before the Christmas rush starts. You’ll be glad you did, saves time the closer you get to Christmas too!

VAT Calculations and tax for artwork

There comes a point in every artists life when they need to consider VAT and VAT payments towards HMRC. You can check out the threshold on the HMRC website at their VAT rates page for more information.

So what does this mean for artists that provide VAT taxable goods once they go over the VAT threshold? Well this means that you have to register for VAT and start charging VAT on all your VAT taxable goods or services you produce. You can check out the list of VAT taxable goods on the HMRC VAT Taxable Goods page. This basically means that you add the current rate of VAT to our invoices and collect this 20% on behalf of HMRC. Every quarter you pay this VAT to HMRC online by doing a VAT tax return on the HMRC website. It’s a clever way of the government getting tax as you charge VAT on your products and services, then deduct the VAT you claim back (what items you get charged VAT for – supplies etc) and then give them the difference.

You can do this by using your calculator or you can find a vat tax calculator website such as this one to help you out. Just double check your threshold rate each quarter and you should be fine. Your accountant will probably raise a flag when you come near it. With VAT comes Stamp Duty when buying land or a property so we’re also here to show you a quick Stamp Duty Calculator that you’re welcome to use when buying a property or land.

Hope this helps!

New Website Coming In A Few Weeks!

Hi everyone and welcome to this temporary site. Just letting you know there is a new website on the way and this awful temp site will be soon replaced with an all singing, all dancing, awesome website to show off my art.

Thanks for your time, please check back again in a few weeks.