Black Friday Mayhem and Voucher Codes Moving Online

It would appear that Black Friday 2015 was a bit of a let down for many high-street retailers across the UK as the BBC reported that most of the Black Friday deals are being purchased online and waiting for an in-store pickup. It’s hardly surprising after all the issues we saw last year with people climbing over people to get a crap TV for 10% cheaper. It would seem that logic is winning this year.

Many voucher code sites across the UK have been crippled due to the high demand for all the latest voucher codes and deals. One such site,, actually went offline for over an hour because it couldn’t cope with demand for all the users.

Another website called that also is a voucher code website reported it busiest day on record and it’s not even time for dinner! They have seen huge demand for search terms on their pages such as Missguided discount codes as Missguided have issued many codes to save their shoppers money, with many of them being active for only 1 hour.

Another example is to their Bodybuilding Warehouse discount code pages as they have also slashed prices to take advantage of the Black Friday mayhem. And who could blame then with online retailers expected to exceed over £1bn in sales on today online. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if this figure was massively exceeded due to the way people have been shopping early in the morning.

On the plus side many high-street stores have seen no trouble compared to last year and it seems next year should be even more calm. With Black Friday coming over the pond from America it’s seems that many retailers think it will be all but dead in a couple of years. Still, we’ll see what happens on Cyber Monday as this day never really took-off in the UK.

Well stay safe and do let us know about all the Black Friday mayhem and other voucher code news if you hear anything.