Voucher Codes are on the decline but who is benefiting?

voucher codes are down but sales are up

voucher codes are down but sales are up

Well I’m sorry to say it but I think voucher codes this year are well and truly on the decline from last year! All the top retailers such as Debenhams, Boots, Sports Direct etc just aren’t pushing out as many deals have they have done in previous years, and some are reporting that they could be even 50% down from 2013! This is a huge decline for the online retailer market and a big hit for consumers who are looking to save using these codes.

Personally I think this is a huge mistake, because I’m a firm believer in that a good voucher code can really help drive sales that wouldn’t have been made otherwise. Sure we all like to be savvy and save money, but there is something about a good discount code and promotional offer that we just can’t resist.

And now for the good news! While some retailers are really reducing the amount of voucher codes out there, many smaller retailers who compete with the larger ones in their market are rapidly stepping their voucher code publishing up. We’ve been monitoring some top voucher code websites and also a few of the smaller discount code sites around the web and noticed they have more codes that work more often.

So what does this mean to the future of the voucher code and promotional coupon market? Well it turns out the big boys in the industry could be making a huge mistake with all the price comparison sites out there. The smaller players are now able to compete on price and put the cheery on top by offering a further discount in the form of a voucher. Get a good price and then apply at voucher at the checkout and you’re smiling all the way to the bank.

What are you thoughts? Do you think that voucher codes should be used more? Or, are you more of a ‘wait for the sales’ kind of person?